• Mat Pilates

    Core, Challenge, Breathe

    Mat Pilates

    Nothing says “core strengthening” quite like Pilates! Using yoga mats, light weights, resistance bands, or a combination of all, you will perform exercises that incorporate your full range of core muscles. Learn to move from your center, proper breathing techniques, and more: this workout will challenge any participant. All levels welcome!

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HITT)

    Intense, Cardio Driven, Results

    High Intensity Interval Training (HITT)

    Abbreviated for (High Intensity Interval Training) This style of exercise uses the science of EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), or, the “after burn” effect to deliver amazing calorie burn and metabolic benefits to participants. Some exercise experience is recommended but not necessary, our instructors will teach you everything you need to know!

  • Functional Training

    Total Body, Functional, Lift

    Functional Training

    Functional Training class is geared toward those individuals that want to learn and practice proper movement patterns that will carry over into the movement of everyday life. The exercises from Functional Training class range from twists, bends, pushes, pulls, core engagement, and more! This is an all-levels class that is useful for almost all fitness levels. Safely learning and practicing multi-joint movements with a Fitness Professional is a great addition to most exercise programs to reinforce proper movement techniques.

  • Silver Sneakers

    Seniors, Fun, Friends

    Silver Sneakers

    Mature adults, this Silver Sneakers class is for you! Designed for low-impact, increasing range of motion, balance, and involves basic exercise movements. Our Silver Sneakers class would also be great for senior workouts, anyone who is recovering from an injury and wants to learn basic moves to add to their rehabilitation programs. (Age ranges from approx 55-70+)

  • Shred Pilates

    Move Faster, Lean Up, Sweat

    Shred Pilates

    Shred Pilates is a full body workout that builds lean muscle without bulk, through a series of slow controlled, precise movements. These exercises focus on proper alignment, mobility, balance and will improve flexibility and strength to your core muscles while working up a sweat. All levels are welcome.

  • TRX Total Resistance Exercise Class

    Strength, Stamina, Power

    TRX Total Resistance Exercise Class

    This exercise style is taking fitness by storm! Using TRX (Total Resistance eXercise) trainers, students will use their own body weight for resistance to make an exciting and challenging workout. This class is a fantastic cardio and strength fusion class. Students will learn TRX basics, exercise progressions, and proper form and use of this great tool.

  • Yoga

    Relax, Detoxification, Balance


    Students will build awareness, strength, balance, and focus through the practice of yoga. This class is accessible to all students, and modifications are given to make the postures fit whatever level you practice. Yoga is not only about flexibility! Build strength, learn better breathing techniques; this is an all-levels class!


    Intense, Effective, Results


    FIT4MOM BODY BACK classes you can experience High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) total-body workouts that challenge even the elite athlete. Our safe and effective workouts address the body of the postnatal woman, whether she had her baby six months ago or 20 years ago.

    Fit4Mom Body Back students experience targeted high-intensity workouts, inspiration and motivation in every class. Most mamas come because they do want their bodies back, but it’s SO much more than a results based program.
    Body Back will change you inside and out, for the better. Please bring a yoga mat or towel for abdominal work and cool down after class.

  • TruBarre

    Flexible, Tone, Strength


    Our Barre Fitness Classes known as TruBarre is a spin-off the same techniques that are used to train dancers of all kinds, TruBarre is a great workout to develop long, lean musculature AND/OR develop better and stronger core muscles. The unique tool in this class is a ballet barre, however instructors may incorporate light weights, resistance bands, pilates balls, and more. All levels welcome!

  • Movement

    Recover, Heal, Relax


    Movement, in this class we’ll be targeting specific groups of muscles that are often used most during workouts and everyday activities. Using different tools such as foam rollers, PVC pipes, softball, lacrosse and tennis balls, to reach muscles that may cause nagging pain or restrictions in your movement. The class setting is lit using therapeutic red bulbs to aid in relaxation of your whole body. We will aim to improve flexibility, release tension and increase muscle awareness. This will result in performance enhancement, pain reduction, higher energy levels, decrease your recovery time between workouts, and stronger joints!

  • Zumba

    Dance,Music, Burn


    Zumba is a FUN and energetic class that is designed to burn calories and move your body! This popular dance class uses popular music and choreography to make you sweat. Endurance and cardiovascular improvements are an added bonus to the fun you’ll have in this class. All levels welcome!

  • Indoor Cycling

    Climb, Spin, Build

    Indoor Cycling

    Burn calories and build strength all in one 60 minute class! Whether you’re looking for better cardiovascular strength, endurance, stronger muscles, or just look good, this class is for you! An overall great and challenging workout on Keiser bikes, you work at your own pace to achieve the results you’re looking for. All levels welcome!