• Personal Trainer David Elias

    Personal Trainer David Elias

    Welcome Personal Trainer David Elias to the TruSelf Sporting Club San Diego Gym personal training team. Personal Trainer David Elias is from Raleigh, North Carolina. Coming from a military family, he has lived in places such as Fort Bragg, Texas, Hawaii, and even Germany.

    David holds a red belt in Hapkido and has won awards for sparring in martial arts tournaments. He has done boxing training and now has an interest towards MMA.

    Successful personal training highlights include cutting a client’s body fat in half in 6 weeks, going from 18% to 9%. He also has a success story of his own, gaining 40 pounds of muscle mass in one year of exercise. he specializes in weight loss, corrective exercise, strength training, and athletic conditioning. He wants to take the body to new levels of performance without injury, aches and pain.

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    Personal Trainer David Elias Education and Certifications:


    • National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer
    • Fitness Nutrition Specialist – National Personal Training Institute
    • Weight Loss Specialist – National Personal Training Institute
    • Corrective Exercise Specialist – National Personal Training Institute
    • Performance Enhancement Specialist – National Personal Training Institute
    • Weight-lifting for the Handicapped and Disabled (workshop) – National Personal Training Institute
    • CPR/AED Certified

    Personal Trainer David Elias also teachers a nightly TRX class starting at 6:30p. To schedule as assessment with David, please Contact Us Here.

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