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Parent/Legal Guardian Permission Agreement

Parent/Legal Guardian Permission Agreement


This form to be completed by the parent/legal guardian of a non-member minor brought to TruSelf Sporting Club by a supervising adult (18+) or accompanying member (12+)

I wish to participate in TruSelf Sporting Club group exercise, personal training, cardio and/or weight equipment use.  As a (Guest) participant, I agree to assuming all risks involved in any/ all of these activities.  I understand the nature and purpose of the program/gym guest workout and am aware that any strenuous physical activity involves certain risks.  I assume the risk of any and all accidents or injuries of any kind which may be sustained by me by reason of or in connection with my participation in my guest workout.

I understand that engaging in any physical exercise activity or using the gym for any purpose may pose a serious risk to health or cause death. I understand that it is strongly recommended that a physician be consulted prior to said minor participant beginning an exercise program or using the gym. I understand that after starting to use the gym, if said minor participant notices any changes in physical condition that may indicate a health risk by continued use of the gym, it is strongly recommended that a physician be consulted to ensure that it is appropriate to continue to use TruSelf Sporting Club. I agree that if said minor participant uses TruSelf Sporting Club, they do so at their own risk.

I hereby release, discharge and fully agree not to pursue TruSelf Sporting Club, its agents, officers and employees, from and for any and all liability for all loss or damages, and any claims or demands therefore, on account of injury to said minor participant’s person or property, including death, arising from use of the gym; and I agree to indemnify and hold TruSelf Sporting Club and its agents harmless from any loss, liability, damage, or cost, including reasonable attorney fees that may occur as a result of or due to said minor participant’s use of the gym.

I have read, understand and agree to the notice of assumption of risk – waiver and release for my minor participant and I release, discharge, and absolve TruSelf Sporting Club, its staff, employees, contractors, officers, and the gym itself from any and all liability.


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