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TruSelf Sporting Club believes in the uniqueness of each of our members.  By working with a TruSelf Sporting Club personal trainer, you are forming a collaboration that is dedicated to guiding you to your unique fitness goals.  Together, you and your personal trainer will lay out an exercise plan that considers your strengths and limitations to guide you safely and effectively to your goals.  No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you will have assistance from your trainer that is backed by the latest science and industry- leading education.  Your specific program.  Your results.

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First, we match you up

Your personal trainer will carefully take time to meet with you and learn about your fitness goals, medical limitations, current fitness level, and any time frame to consider. To do our best, we take this necessary time to make sure we are aligned in full understanding of you and what you wish to accomplish in the gym.

Next, we create your program

Our team of fitness professionals use the latest exercise science and education that has been proven to yield real results. Your personal trainer combines data your assessments and information about your lifestyle to build a customized program that is sure to deliver real results.

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Personal training page image truself sporting club san diego gym

Then, we begin the work

We start with understanding that we are here for you in three main ways:
to educate, motivate, and hold you accountable. All of your workouts are scheduled at times that work best with your schedule with the overarching intent being to deliver your fitness goals in the most effective way possible. All of your workouts are recorded with your unique sets, reps, exercise sequence, rest periods, and exercise volume. All you need to do is show up – we’ll take care of the rest!


Our team of fitness professionals are all experts in their field. Each member of the team undergoes a rigorous, multi-part interview process that includes both knowledge and hands on testing. This intense screening process ensures that our team is comprised of the best-of-the-best. Our team of experts continuously train for success by pursuing additional education and evolving into world class leaders in fitness.

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Experience working with one of our TruSelf Sporting Club Personal Trainers for yourself. Please provide us a little information about you and a member services representative will contact you to schedule your visit.


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