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Our services are designed to help individuals and teams reach their fitness goals

Unlimited Infrared Sauna:
TruSelf Sporting Club’s Infrared Sauna provides a relaxing, detoxing experience that is just the right supplement for any recovery practice. Equipped with mid-infrared and far-infrared elements, the health benefits of infrared heat are many.

1 Hour Visits:
You will be working out with your TruSelf Sporting Club personal trainer on customized exercises designed to progress you toward your goal. We offer training programs that include all training purposes such as focusing on education or general maintenance, overall body transformations, or completing a true lifestyle change.

Group Training Visits:
If you have a friend(s) that are around your same fitness level, we can train more than one person together while still considering any limitations that each individual may have. It is a fun way to train and allows you to share the experience of working out with someone that enjoys being healthy like you.

Towel Service:
With cleanliness being a top concern in today’s climate, TruSelf Sporting Club is proudly offering towel service with our Premium Membership Option.  Select this membership type and never have to worry about bringing a towel to the gym again.

TruSelf On Demand: (Free 30 Day Trial)
We are excited to bring our virtual class database straight to your home! Access our library of group exercise classes anytime, anywhere, on any internet-enabled device. You can be in home, at the gym, abroad, it doesn’t matter! With TruSelf OnDemand, you can use premium quality content taught by top instructors!

Half Hour Visits:
Working on fitness goals in half the time! Also, great for starting back up or looking for some new progressions to your program. Very efficient workouts designed to progress you toward your goal.

Assisted Stretching Program:
This consists of contracting and relaxing major muscle groups. PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) increases range of motion, decreases injury and pain, as well as lengths muscles to improve flexibility and performance.

One on One Studio Yoga Sessions:
A wonderful way to take your yoga practice to a new level. What may take months in a class environment can be accomplished in just a few hours in a one-on-one setting. You will dramatically improve your alignment and awareness, and bring greater strength, flexibility and ease to your practice.

If you’re in the Allied Gardens, San Carlos, La Mesa area, this gym is for you!

If you’re in the Allied Gardens, San Carlos, La Mesa area, this gym is for you! The staff is friendly, atmosphere is not stuffy, lots of brand new equipment where you don’t have to wait in line to get your workout on!

Reina W Member

I want to start off and say I wish I had joined this gym sooner!

I want to start off and say I wish I had joined this gym sooner. I live around the corner and it is beyond convenient for me. My quick backstory, I take care of a special needs child so I’m only able to work a few days a week. The good news is that allows me to come to the gym more!

Michelle M Member

I've Never Felt As Good

I've never felt as good as I do today in my life. Without the professionalism and experience of my personal trainer Christine and the entire gym staff, I wouldn't be reaching these goals and setting new ones. I get to learn something new everyday and I get to see other lives changing around me. The positive environment is contagious! The best thing is that I have a professional, understanding, and passionate trainer who continually tailors a program to my needs and abilities that I can reach out to with any questions.

Matt H Client


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