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Thank you Matt Holden for giving us the ability to showcase your personal transformation! As we all know, it starts with the personal decision within your truSelf to make a life choice to get back into shape and it doesn’t hurt having the guidance of a personal trainer Nikita!

My name is Matt Holden and I started coming to TruSelf Sporting Club San Diego gym in early July after about a 5 year break from any physical exercise. I came and went mostly running and using random machines. In early August I jumped into a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class and was completely lost but Nikita Madison was patient and encouraging. The next day I scheduled my free personal training session and met with Nikita. We started working together on August 8th, the day of the pictures on the left. With her guidance and motivation I was able to begin a program of physical training and nutritional discipline. The pictures above show the beginning of what I plan on being a complete physical transformation.

When I first came in I was a size 36-38 waist depending on the brand, completely sedentary, weighed 210lbs and had 21% body fat. After 90 days of training hard with Nikita once a week, eating clean, and taking two HIIT classes a week I’m down to a size 32, active in all aspects of my life, weigh 188lbs, and my body fat is somewhere in the 17% range.

I’ve never felt as good as I do today in my life. Without the professionalism and experience of my personal trainer Nikita and the entire gym staff, I wouldn’t be reaching these goals and setting new ones. I get to learn something new everyday and I get to see other lives changing around me. The positive environment is contagious!
The best thing is that I have a professional, understanding, and passionate trainer who continually tailors a program to my needs and abilities that I can reach out to with any questions.


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