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New 5 Star Yelp Review

Thank you Jamie for the new 5 Star Yelp Review for Christine at TruSelf Sporting Club San Diego gym! We always appreciate our members and clients taking the time to share their experience with the world. Its because of the new 5 star yelp review like this that keeps us going and committed to being the best in the fitness industry.

“There is NO better trainer in the world than Christine at TruSelf Sporting Club!


This summer and fall, she helped me to train for professional physical fitness tests (PFTs) AND successfully pass those tests! I started with absolutely NO strength or skills. Christine met with me and we talked about my starting point & what my goals were. She gave me a training plan and stuck with me each and every week. From talking about nutrition to giving me various cardio & strength training projects each day to do on my own, Christine was always thinking how she could improve the way I moved and prepared. Preparing for a fitness challenge, with no prior experience, can be really intimidating but having a trainer like Christine in your court changes the game!

Christine broke down each move for me as I learned them. She taught me not just how, but why certain exercises work. It gave me a 360 degree view of what we were doing. If I ever struggled with something, she instantly knew how to make the move more accessible and how to help me build to the right level. Working out can be tedious, but Christine is a great conversationalist and sessions are always fun and insightful. I haven’t met any other trainer who can work full pushups with you while discussion anything from Malcolm Gladwell’s newest book to dogs to new finds on Netflix to the Olympics, etc.

Once I passed my PFTs, Christine and I began working on functional strength training. This was a great experience in a whole new way. Each session, Christine constantly changed what area we worked and what exercises we did. She has excellent focus and doesn’t skimp on the important details – like making sure I understand the connection of muscles in between my shoulder blades and how to coordinate my breathing when lifting weights. It was amazing!

Oh, PS: Christine also taught me how to run properly. How to use my arms, the difference between sprinting and running long distance, how to strike the ground with my feet, what shoes I should be wearing, how to breathe properly, etc. My whole life, I’ve been told I couldn’t run. But Christine taught me how. She can literally do anything! I went from walking to running & sprinting pretty respectable speeds/distances in no time all thanks to her guidance and training.

I can’t recommend Christine highly enough as a trainer, fitness expert, athletics instructor, and personal health guru. She is the real deal. If you are looking for a smart, intelligent, warm, fun trainer who delivers results and helps you achieve things you never thought possible, than you have to work with Christine at TruSelf Training ASAP.

Seriously, just do it. You can thank me later!”

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