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Testimonial For TruSelf Trainings Nick Gombold

TruSelf Trainings Nick Gombold

I have been training with Nick for over 3 years and I love him. He motivates me when I need it and keeps me on track. I know Nick loves his job and his clients. When I was starting out with Nick I was overweight and out of shape. He has helped me with my eating habits and I have lost over 20 lbs. I have come a long way from when I started. I feel much stronger and feel much better. My doctor said I have lowered my risk for diabetes and heart problems and I owe that to Nick for all his motivation. He encourages me to stay motivated and keeps me accountable.

The whole staff at TruSelf Training is incredible and demonstrate a love for their job. They also show a love for their clients and make you feel like you are their friend. I feel that the money you pay for their training is well worth maintaining your health and well being. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

Cheryl Wardenaar


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