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Yoga and Barre Instructor Kelle Winters


TruSelf Sporting Clubs Yoga and Barre instructor Kelle Winters has always been physically active, but, in 2015, she sustained life-changing injuries. Kelle began a journey of physical recovery and, in doing so, discovered the healing nature of subtle yoga. Kelle teaches a unique style of gentle hatha yoga. She is a graduate of The School of Gentle Yoga, which encourages alignment and harmony through a “felt sense” of body, mind, and breath. In her classes, Kelle encourages freedom of movement without judgment and freedom to move at your own pace. Her class is a sacred space for exploration, self-discovery, and healing through “feel good” movements. She believes in the mighty potential of yoga to relieve stress and heal our bodies. Her hope is for people of every age to find their way to a healthier, happier, harmonious life through gentle yoga. When Kelle is not teaching yoga or barre, she is busy obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.

Certifications & Education:

  • 200-HR Registered Yoga Teacher Certification, The School of Gentle Yoga
  • Certified Barre Instructor

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